The Ultimate Racing Machine by Honda

The Civic Type R has elevated the notion of performance to heights unheard of. Taking root from a solid foundation spanning six-generations all in the pursuit of the spirit of racing, the Civic Type R now sets the benchmark in the ‘Shrine of Speed’, the Nurburgring Nordschleife, with a record time of 7:43:80, making it the fastest production front-wheel drive car of its era.

The Pinnacle of Performance

The new Earth Dreams Technology 2.0 liter VTEC Turbo engine produces 310 PS of power with peak torque of 400 N-m. Coupled with a smooth and precise 6-Speed Manual Transmission with Rev-Match Control System, this robust powertrain ensures an involving driving experience.

Power is naught without control

The nifty Three-Mode Drive System will let you select through different characteristics to match your style and driving conditions. Plus, advanced suspension systems like the Adaptive Damper System and Agile Handling Assist offer stability and added confidence at every turn.

A True Track Star, Inside and Out.

The Civic Type R boasts of its radically-sporty exterior that is both stunning and distinguishable even from afar. Inside, the driver-centric cockpit and Type R Spec Bucket Seats fit just like racing gloves, giving you an exciting yet comfortable drive.

Civic Type R Specifications